Wednesday, June 28, 2006

yea thats right... i bet you have never seen a crucifix made out of a fork??? pretty cool huh!?!? only in an all catholic village will you find this....

the village that we visited today was el achote. 40 families and no church or no work being done there and its not far from the town either... sad. well we went around to some houses and talked to the families some and they seemed very receptive and welcoming. im sure we will go back and invite more families to the VBS that the team from the states will do a one week in july. this is just prepartion ....

tomorrow i will be at the clinic and then we have church in the afternoon, pray that i will understand the truths being spoken!

spanish word of the day: TENEDOR --> fork

Saturday, June 24, 2006

im really upset that i dont have pictures from today, but its not my fault. my camera ran out of battery before we even got there. it was a pretty cool day here in honduras.....

i went with some of the people from the clinic i work at on what they call a "medical bregade". we drove about an hour to a village and set up to see the patients. i guess we got started around 8:15 and did not finish until 3. we saw 123 patients! wow... God is good

i helped with the pharmacy which means i got the presciption and labeled the meds. it was crazy hott in there with so many people but we managed to get it done without totally losing it.

today confirmed again what the Lord is calling me to do.... to use nursing as a gateway for the Gospel. i am so excited to begin the journey God has called me to go on, and i know that this summer is big time preparation for it :)

thank you for your prayers today, i feel like many of them where answered. tomorrow will be a full day at church, maybe i will understand a little !?!?

spanish phrase of the day: " TENGO MUCHO CALOR" --> i am very hott

Friday, June 23, 2006

goin on a medical bregade tomorrow, please pray for us!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

first of all i want to thank all of you who leave comments on my blog... you have no idea how much it means to hear what you all have to say! they are very encouraging and i sometimes wonder what i would do without hearing from the most important people in my life!

yesterday was a rough day. jennifer felt bad so she didnt go to church with us. so that meant that it was me, rebeca and osmany. well rebeca was good for ahh i would say 15 minutes of the 2 hrs that we were there. everything seemed to bother her and she kept wantinv to run in and out of the church and i just couldnt stop her. i literaly just wanted to cry... but i knew that since i couldnt understand the sermon that God was teaching me anyways. i think it is at the times where we fall apart that the Lord shows us that we cannot possibly do things on our own. it is only through His strength that we can do anything :)

today was a good day, i feel like my spanish is getting better. i know i say that at random times but i actually had a full out conversation with a lady that came into the clinic today. i am becoming more and more help at the clinic because of more knowledge of the language and the clinic itself. we had our normal afternoon workout after lunch, and i cant forget to mention that the truck did not stall on me to the gym today :) i also found out that i dont have to pay 40 dollars for 2 more visas since the nice people at the airport gave me a 90 visa when i came into Honduras. good stuff huh??? this afternoon i decided to lay out in the sun on the roof, my first realization is that i am ALOT closer to the sun than we are in the states. i must have been laying there for 4 minutes and i was already really RED. so needless to say that didnt last very long!

i will be back at the clinic tomorrow... please pray that we will be a light for this community.

spanish word of the day: ALABARE --> praise Him

Friday, June 16, 2006

today was a good day.... clinic this morning and a pretty relaxing afternoon. im looking forward to this weekend! hopefully we will go to Panes tomorrow and then a full day at church on sunday!

spanish phrase of the day: !QUE LINDA! --> how precious, how beautiful, how sweet...whichever one you want it to mean

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i finally got some sun today, ahh i love it!!!
today we went to Panes to spread the word about our Bible study and work with the children... the pictures is of osmany explaining some scripture to a sweet family. there were glad that we were there.

the village is beautiful but most of the people live with literally the clothes on their back and need medical care. and the thing that gets me, this is just one village, there are SOOO many more that are just as bad or worse! even if you are not called to do foreign missions as a career, i would encourage you to either be apart of or support a mission trip to places like this. i have learned and seen with my own eyes the eagerness of these people who live with nothing to except and live out the Gospel of Christ, but someone has to tell them! taking medical care to them is a good door of opportunity!

i challenge you to seek the Lord's face and see if He would have you take the Gospel to ALL nations... it is an extreme calling but someone has to do it :) if you are interested in going with a team, let me know! i can plug you in somewhere!!!

spanish word of the day : SOL --> sun

Sunday, June 11, 2006

todays trip was to a little village, Yoritto. it took over 3 to get there and about 4 to get back... so it was a long day!!! but they told me it was a productive meeting... there were 6 men that hiked 4 hrs down from their different villages to meet with us. there are 35 villages around Yoritto that can only be hiked into that need to hear the Gospel, so some work will be starting there soon!

spanish word of the day: VACA --> cow

Saturday, June 10, 2006

tomorrow we are going to Yoro, so that means many hours in a car with a 17 month old!!! we will be back late sunday night!!! please pray for us...

Friday, June 09, 2006

sorry about not updating yesterday, it wasnt that i didnt have time or anything like that its just because nothing happened. the clinic was really slow yesterday and we did our aerobic workout. thats all that happened, haha.

however, today was very productive! i gave my first shot today at the clinic.... it was fun. i also learned how to drive a standard! haha... i think that was more of a challenge than giving a shot, its definatly gonna take some time to get used to it.

after our workout at the gym today we went to central to get some things at the super market and then i ran by the post office to mail some things.

anyways.. that was 2 days in a nutshell. we are going to hang out posters in Panes tomorrow if we get them made tonight, i dont see a reason why we couldnt finish them so hopefully we will be going there tomorrow. sunday we will be at a pastor's meeting all day in a little village near Yoro to find out if there is a huge need for help over that way. so be in prayer for those things.

spanish word of the day: INJECCION --> shot(injection)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

we were supposed to go to panes today to put up posters and what not to make our Bible study well know... but that didnt work out becasue of the constant rain for the past couple of days. instead we went eat at a restaurant then decided to go house hunting. didnt find any houses for rent, and the ones that were werent really livable. we came back to the house for rebeca to nap and watched Radio, what a good movie! then me and jennifer went to the gym, an arm workout! haha, im sooo weak in my arms! we had tomales for supper tonight, they were awesome!

tomorrow i will be back at the clinic, and if the weather permits we will do some work at panes tomorrow after lunch.

sorry not much of an interesting day.....

spanish phrase of the day: TE AMO --> i love you

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

another day at the clinic, except this one was LONG! i finished writing some letters and read in my book i been workin on finishing for some time now. we saw a few patients today, most with gastro-intestinal(GI) problems.

we came home to eat and then headed to the gym, the leg workout was on the schedule for today.

i ran by the store and got some things that i had been needin to get and then dropped of letters at the post office that needed to be mailed.

finally layed down tonight and finished the book, Through the Gates of Splendor. it was an amazing story about 5 men who gave their lives for the furtherance of the Gospel. elisabeth elloit, a wife of one of the martyrs, said that people around the world were trying to make sense of the deaths of the men. elloit's view was, God is God and His will always prevails, bottom line. it was God's will that her husband and the other 4 died taking the Gospel to the Auca tribe, no one will ever be able to make sense out of it other than it was the Lord's plan unfolding. no one can put limits on what God can do in a situation like that. and i know that their situation was huge and its one of those things that has forever changed the face of history, but there are things that we do everyday that are in obediance to Christ that make a huge impact and that will somehow change someone's life. we cant put limits on what God can do with those simple acts of obediance either. the Bible says in 1 samuel chapter 15:22 that obediance is greater than sacrifice. sacrifice without obediance is not pleasing to the Lord. those men sacrificed their lives but it was an act of an obediant heart.

please pray for me that i will be obediant to do God's will in my life. thank you for your prayers! i love you!

Monday, June 05, 2006

well im glad i woke myself up today at 6 50 or i would have never made it to the clinic.... the whole house slept until about 7 15. haha... so i got there a little later than normal, but it all worked out. we saw about 20 to 25 patients today. and when you see them all in a time span of 4 hrs, thats pretty dang good! senora thelma told me that the next person that needs an IV, i get to start it! yay... and i might get to give shots too!!! haha, big fun!!!

tomorrow... clinic again. then to the gym after lunch! haha, its been a week since ive been! its not gonna be pretty!!! my spanish today was alot better, thank you for your prayers!! keep 'em comin!

spanish word of the day: TERRUNDA --> cotton ball (they make them here, its fascinating)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

this morning church started at 9, i chased rebeca around for 2 hrs. but hey, its better than sitting and listening to my spanish brother preach for an hour when i cant understand a word he is saying!

came back after church and ate and just kinda hung around until church started again at 6. i got to go with rebeca again outside but this time some kids joined us. that is what the picture is from. they were soo good with her and they were good with me also! i think i learned more spanish tonight from their eagerness to learn english and help me learn spanish! we chased chickens, cats, dogs, and whatever else crawled! it was big fun!

tomorrow i will be back at the clinic, so pray for my understanding of the language and that the Lord will use the clinic to reach the community. i think we might go to the park tomorrow after work, so we'll see!

spanish word of the day: POLLO --> chicken

Saturday, June 03, 2006

this morning we even attempted to go workout at the gym, turns out its closed until next monday!!! bummer....

we left for Panes around 12 and pulled in at 1. we just walked around the village and invited them to a Bible study, then if they sounded interested Osmany read some scripture to them. he read the store in Luke about mary & martha. there is only one church in the whole village and it seems that the catholic church there has pushed them away with the confines of religion. so when he read them the story he told them that we wanted to show them a relationship with Christ and not religion. well the devil was after us today and trying to push us out of the village, and the rain came!!! but little did he know that we were gonna make the best of it, we went to a few more houses and rejoiced as we walked through the pouring rain!!! i think the picture does the memory some justice....

one of the ladies that we met while we were going house to house needed a ride into siguatepeque to go to the doctor, so they hopped into the truck with us. the woman also brought along 2 stow-a-ways... her daughter and a ROOSTER! the little girl was 6 and her name angela, she was the most beautiful honduran girl i have ever seen and she had the sweetest personality! suprisingly enough, i didnt hear the rooster the whole drive back to sigua.

tomorrow i think we might be starting the children's ministry at the hernandez's home church. we'll see..... i think i might sleep until someone wakes me up! haha... that car ride was rough today.

spanish word of the day: LLUVIA --> rain(noun)

Friday, June 02, 2006

so this is where i work.... and i had to be there at like 7:00 am this morning, it was rough!!!

there werent as many people in the clinic today, good thing cuz senora thelma was at work with the same thing that i had! not good......

after work today i came back and washed my clothes on the washboard, it took like an hour and a half. then i had a nice suprise waiting on me, i got my prize from liz! i got a journal and a card! it made my day!

tonight we had spaghetti for supper, good stuff huh!?!?

tomorrow we are going to Panes to do children's ministry, im excited! i havent gotten a chance to go there yet. please pray that the Lord will use our service in the village to reach it for Christ! and as always keep praying for my progress in the language! cant wait to tell you all the Lord does in the village tomorrow!

spanish word of the day: vaya --> an expression of suprise; such as "wow" or "oh man"

Thursday, June 01, 2006

i woke up to the smell of pancakes this morning!!! yum....

i finally went back to the clinic and today was great! i got to experience the work of the clinics in the third world countries. in the states, we pre order gauz pads and cotton balls. they definately make them and all of that good stuff! there werent many patients today so we did a bunch of little things around the clinic.

still learning spanish... guess you could say im learning more every day?!?! sometimes i feel like im losing it.. hopefully not though!

nellie and her son elijah are still here with us, they are leaving early in the morning.

post office called today and i got my first letter in the mail today!! i get to go pick it up after work tomorrow.. im very excited!

please pray for the work done in the clinic tomorrow, friday's are normally pretty busy. pray that my ears will quick to hear and my mind will be quick to understand the spanish spoken in the clinic so i can better serve the people! thank you for your prayers!

im starting a spanish word of the day, haha. todays is : ABURRIDO ---- means bored