Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jenn's Birthday, Last Week in Siguatepeque, & Packing

I have become such a slacker this week with blogging! Sorry to all of my faithful readers :)

Sunday was Jenn's Birthday!! I posted after the internet came on on Sunday but I had no idea how exciting of a night it would actually be! Osmany told us that we were all going out to eat for Jenn's birthday... which was great. We all put on our dresses and got ready to go out :) Bec looked so pretty in her dress!

We took a taxi because the vehicle was still not fixed and we headed towards Barrio El Carmen.. which may not be a big deal to you guys .. but Jenn and I knew that all of the restaurants were the other way! He finally told us that we were going to get Hermana Jamie and Hermano Hermes.. Jenn was excited but still had no idea about the surprise party waiting for us at Jamie and Hermes' house! When we got to their house, it was all decorated and there were some of our friends coming over to celebrate as well! Jamie made homemade pizza and brownies.. MMMM GOOD! Osmany also brought the cake that he bought for Jenn! WHAT A FIESTA!!

Me, Jenn, Jamie --> Jenn's B-day

Osmany, Miguel, Hermes --> Jenn's birthday

They are so precious!

Work went well this week.. I did the usual.. Hermon on Monday and Wednesday, Mobile Clinic on Tuesday, and El Porvenir on Thursday.

The most memorable account from this week was Wednesday at Hermon. It was my last day with them and I was hoping that it would be a good one! Everything was kind of slow in the morning but right before I was preparing to leave.... a group of Americans walked through the door. There was a young girl walking towards me, holding her side, and crying hysterically. I immediately asked her what was wrong or what she thought was wrong.. she told me that she has kidney stones a lot and figured that was what was going on. We got an IV started, and gave her some medication for the pain. I asked her if the people from her group (missionaries from North Carolina) had prayed over her yet... she told me no. I asked her if I could pray for her and she agreed. I felt so impressed to pray over here.. it has got to be so hard to be sick (and not just any kind of sick, but passing a kidney stone sick) and to be away from home and be somewhere where the people do not speak your language. By the time I left the clinic, Brittany's pain had eased up and I felt like she was in good hands with Thelma.

During that whole escapade... a girl about my age walked in with Brittany when she was passing her kidney stone. She is from Honduras but goes to school in North Carolina during the school year and comes home to Siguatepeque in the summer! We immediately hit it off... she is 20 yrs old and is a biology major with one more year left. She told me that she plans to apply for med school after she graduates. She was so excited and thought I would be here a little while longer.. but I had to tell her that I was leaving in just a few days! We are now friends on facebook and plan to hang out when or if I am able to come next summer! God works in the smallest ways...

Rebeca knows just how to cheer me up after work.. she got me a flower :)

I have spent most of the afternoon washing clothes and packing up.... with the occasional break to entertain Rebeca. She cannot seem to get out of my way :) I wouldn't have it any other way though!

It has been a great last week in Siguatepeque! I have gotten to spend some good time with Rebeca... we have had 2 sleepovers plus a girls night full of fingernail & toenail painting and Disney movies! I could not think of a better note to leave on... and I am so excited about the next 2 weeks in Nicaragua!

Please pray for our team as we serve in and around the town of Wiwilli, Nicaragua. Our team consists of: Terry Parks, Denise Parks, Caleb Parks, Erin Hall, Jesse Hall, Juliana Wimberly, and myself. I am flying out of San Pedro Sula at 7:05 am on Saturday morning and should be in Nicaragua by 9:35 am! --- The next time I post will probably be in the States... maybe not though.. I may see if I can't hit up an internet cafe during our weekend time!

Thank you all for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement! I would never be able to make it without such a strong support group at home! I love you!

Goodbye Honduras.. Hello Nicaragua!!


Anonymous said...

thank you for the detailed new post. I am so glad to read about your last week in Honduras with your sweet family! I love you so much, and I am praying for you this week and next, anxiously awaiting our reunion.

I loveeeeeeeeee my Jess.

Anonymous said...

im so glad to hear about all the things God has done through you in Honduras. I'm sure you will love to see some of the swartz crew this coming up week! we will send a hug from us through them! i love you sooo much! cant wait to see you at the best camp ever!!

I'm Jess said...

Please find an internet cafe!! I can't wait to hear about Nicaragua... Because you know what God does when your tried, gives you strength that will blow your mind... and He'll probably do some other cool stuff too.. I can't wait to hear! I love love love you!!!

Leslie Young said...

Okay, I say just zip Rebeca up in that bag and bring her home with you! Glad for the update (and the facebook chat!) and praying for a fantastic two weeks in Nicaragua! Can't wait for hugs in Alexandria - two weeks!

Christin said...

Jenn is just glowing in her pics! her & Osmany are just precious!!! i was so excited to hear about her birthday surprise!

Hermon sounded amazing! what a true blessing it was to be able to pray with that sweet girl and to meet another new friend!!! ;)

I'm sure Rebeca loved her time with her Jessica!!! and i agree with mrs. leslie, you should just bring her home! ;)

im praying for you & the team constantly! i know the Lord is going to rock you guy's faces off on this trip! see you at the airport!

i LOVE my friend!

Anonymous said...

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