Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Curve Ball..

FUN stories to tell already!!! so.. I am updating from Alexandria, Louisiana at 9 47 am, this morning I woke up thinking the next time I would update would be in Honduras. I got to the airport this morning around 4 45, checked in and they asked me if I would like to move to an earlier flight that was leaving at 5 30. I told them that would be good because I could have a longer layover in Houston. We got on the plane, they went through the whole spill about safety adn what nots if the plane were to crash... and then we just sat there. We sat on the plane from around 5 10 until 7 20. They were having technical difficulties on the plane and couldn't get the maintenance crew out there to get us to Houston on time, so we evacuated the plane and went BACK into the airport! From there we all had to schedule new flights, some of us were blessed to be able to make it to our destination today, others were not able. During this whole "escapade" I was able to make some friends on the plane. Some folks sitting across the isle from me were Becky, 4 year old Tanner, and 10 month old Mason. Everyone was pretty frusterated about the situation but the Lord clearly revealed to me that I was not supposed to be on that airplane! Becky and I talked some about the Lord and she shared with me about her life. If that was the only reason we were put in this situation then it was worth it :) Many people called and texted me during this time and had no idea what was going on, just wanted me to know that they were praying for me. I am confident that the Lord has me right where He wants me, and thankfully I will be arriving in Honduras around 8 40 pm, Lord willing! I have no way to get in touch with Osmany and Jennifer about this delay, pray for them as this will be a long day of uncertainty. Please pray for me as I try to fly out again at 5!


bec said...

Wow- you just blow me away! Bringing glory to the Lord during a somewhat annoying incident. hehe- good job, Jess! I love you SO MUCH! Maybe you should take a nap? Nah- you are probably too excited. I'm praying praying praying!!!!

I love you!!!

Leslie Young said...

Wow! The adventure began in (of all places) Alexandria!!! Praying for your safe journey and reunion with yours (and my Jessica's) summer family!

Christin said...

yay for new plane friends...answered prayer number one! ;) i prayed multiple times for you today...especially during my drive home and specifically around your supposed new time of departure! He has you in His protecting hands! prayerfully, your next update will be from beautiful Honduras! I love you!

bec said...

Tell Rebeca I said hi! I'm sure you are there now. Can't wait to hear how things are going! I love you!!!!!
(and I hope the pomei-purple looks good! hehehe)

: )