Friday, May 16, 2008

La Clinica Communtario

After a day like yesterday, I felt very fortunate to have a day like I did today! I had such a great time with the people from the Community Clinic! The Community Clinic is in a small village called Porvenir, outside Siguatepeque. It was very personal and I did not feel overwhelmed as far as responsibility goes. I was given opportunities to give shots, nebulization treatments, take vitals and even talk with some patients :) Jess you better get ready sister!!! The girl that I worked with today is also a nursing student, but she pretty much runs this community clinic as far as the nurses job is concerned. Her name is Ludis and we became good friends today :) We had about 20 patients today but we still finished early! For about an hour I was able to talk to Ludis about life, faith, family, friends, and school! I still need lots of practice with my spanish but I had the spanish dictionary out and we were going to town (thank you Christin!!!)!! To get back into town we had to take a taxi, all 5 of us! 4 of us were on the back seat, and it wasnt an easy fit nor was it a short ride back into town :) The other two girls pictured are Patty (left) and Vanessa (right), precious women!
Some friends came over tonight and we spent time with them after supper. Leo (the Doctor I worked with at the Mobil Clinic), Lela (Leo's wife), Leoito (their son), and Lela's brother Daniel were a fun bunch! More time to pracice the spanish :)
I did not write much yesterday but I want to talk about what happened yesterday at the hospital. All I can say is that I will not be working there anymore this summer because of 2 main reasons #1 Communication is an issue; when you are that sick, it is not good to have someone taking care of you that cannot understand exactly what you are saying all the time. Communication is very important in the nursing profession. #2 I felt as though the tasks that I was going to need to be able to do to work there were out of my scope of practice as a student nurse. I am not yet that comfortable working by myself doing the things they were asking me to do. So with that said, we are going to try something else! We are still going to do the Mobil Clinic and the Community Clinic the two days a week with the Hospital but instead we are going to go to either La Clinica Hermon ( I have worked there the past 2 years) or go to Panes for those days. We will already be going to Panes every Friday but it is possible for us to go on those days as well. I am still not sure exactly where we will be but we will be serving the Lord SOMEWHERE!! Please pray with Jess and I as we are trying to be sensative to the Lord's leading. I know that the doors will open so that we will know where to go!
Spanish word of the day:
(this is for you Jess!!)
JUGETE SENSILLA = simple toy :)


Lexie White said...

Hey Jess! I just wanted to tell you I watched the "Charlie bit me" video today for the first time and thought of you! I knew you would be excited to know I finally watched it. I love you and I'm praying for you!

Leslie Young said...

Thanks so much for the update! Still praying and ever confident that you will find yourself in the midst of the work God has for you to do! Love you SO MUCH, girl!!!

Christin said...

Praise God for today, or yesterday haha! sounds like you had a productive & enjoyable day at the clinic with vanessa, Ludis, y Patty. Ludis and the girls are all answered prayer...what a blessing! I'm glad you had the dictionary with you to learn more about Ludis and spanish ;) Praying for fluency my friend!

i LOVE the fact that Leo's son is named Leoito...hehe! little Leo!

Jessica the Lord has you exactly where He wants you. Maybe the hospital was a test of your nursing knowledge & discernment & you did exactly what you should have done. I have full faith the He will guide you & lead you to wherever you need to be. How awesome it will be to rekindle relationships from the past two years at the clinic or get to develop new relationships in Panes since you will already be there on fridays. All i know is that He is has something HUGE for you in that country & I cannot wait to see it all unfold. I'm praying for all of these things & simply for His WILL to be lived out. Te amo!

bec said...

SO EXCITED about your great day today. Looks like work in the community clinic is going to be super! I love you so so SO much. Praying lots.

(jess is bringing you a surprise when she comes. can anyone say "pompei purple?!" (except I couldn't find it, so I tried my best!))

: )