Thursday, June 25, 2009

back to ¨the duras¨¨

today marks the 5 summer that i have spent time in honduras! it is really good to be back and to just BE here among the country, the language, the culture, and the people that have become so much of a part of who i am that it is ridiculous. i guess i had no idea how much my summers here have affected daily life for me.. forever.

it has been a day full of emotion.... sweet greetings (beca ran to me), beautiful scenery, and a day of intense questioning. i am longing for the Lord to show me more of Himself and for His direction to be made clear in my life.

in the mean time... we are hanging out in olanchito for a few days. met all of osmany´s family tonight, they are sweet :) we will be spending time with them.. which means practicing spanish. and we are just going to get mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for our journey to la moskitia. the team from north monroe will arrive on sunday and we will fly out of la ceiba on monday to be in la moskitia by supper time.

please pray for me... jennifer and osmany.. for the team coming. pray that the Lord would use us to serve the people here. that we would be faithful to walk in obedience.. whatever that may take or whatever that may cost. please pray that the name of the Lord would be lifted up.

glory to His name!


Sweet Syd said... just sitting here reading your blog, listening to one of the songs you burned for me and am thinking of you! i will be in prayer for your heart as you get ready for all that is planned to happen...."beautiful, wonderful, glorious, matchless in in your presence, we are undone;here in your presence, heaven and earth become one; here in your presence, all things are new; here in your presence, everything bows before you"......i feel that all i can sing about is the awesomeness of who God is...especially after tonights haiti meeting led by the wonderful walter d. jackson...but anyhoo ill wrap up my message and make sure to check on you tomorrow!!! i love you so much! have a BLAST loving on some kids for me!

Bec said...

It's about time, sweet friend. :)

I miss you, but I am glad to hear about your 1st day back in "the duras." hehe. I am especially happy that beca ran to you, because I know you were looking so much forward to that.

Praying for clarity. And Spanish. :) xoxox (real ones)

Leslie Young said...

Praying for you, your friends, the team and the people you will touch!
Love you!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I look forward to reading here...enjoy the journey of your third summer in a place that you care for. :) I am praying for you!

ChristinAnne said...

the "duras" hehe! LOVE it!

oh it makes my heart so happy to hear that little Beca just ran to you :)and that you are just engulfed by love right now from some of your favorite people in that beautiful country!

praying for you as the spanish words will start flowing quickly from your mouth! :) praying for your journey ... I LOVE YOU!