Friday, June 26, 2009

praise the Lord for air conditioning!!!!!

no joke... think louisiana weather... except for no air conditioning. YIKES!!! osmany's parents do not have air conditioning in their home... oh boy... i am so glad that our hotel has air! i walk into their house and begin to sweat and poor rebeca... she is just wet all the time.

the hotel room i am staying in is pretty bare. a full size bed, a TV, one measly picture on the wall across from a gigantic mirror that looks like it belongs in a dance stuido, and a bathroom. not very homey BUT it treated me well last night :) i slept until around 7 15 and got up and did some quiet time and checked the facebook. i got to talk to sweet sydney on facebook chat this morning.... she made my day! thanks sister :) beca and i played around in the room until we went to the hernandez house. jennifer decided it was too hot for us so we left to go shop some :) you guessed it... NADA... olanchito is a pretty happening place but shopping is not its most popular activity. we ate a typical honduran meal at "Junior's Deli" along with some pineapple juice (all natural, i promise you have never had anything like this... AMAZING!). after lunch i took a siesta... 2 hours of a nap does the soul some good! went back to the hernandez casa and now we are just hanging out. --- i am excited to see what we are having for supper! last night we had baliadas :) jess, i thought of you! they were YUM!

i am reading some in "a chance to die" -- the life and legacy of amy carmichael. so i'll leave you with this quote that has been on my mind, " not one to refuse even unnecesssary risks, Amy was more than ready to take risks for the sake of others."

--> how willing are we to take risks, maybe even "unnecessary" risks for other people to know Jesus? the world will think our risks are unnecessary, but remember... Jesus risked it all for us. may we be found as risk takers for His Kingdom.


ChristinAnne said...

boo on sweating & no air but yay for 2 hour siestas & sweet times with rebeca :)

praying for a more willing heart for myself & those around me!

absorb all of that a/c sister! maybe la moskitia wont be as hot!

much of my love to you ;)

Leslie Young said...

So glad for updates! And, from all the way in Honduras, you (well, and the Holy Spirit) definitely challenged me with that quote. I'm not a risk-taker by nature and I feel a tug to do more, even just in my every day life! Thanks!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I often think of the a/c thing for when I go to the D.R. one of these days for birth numbers. I am okay during the day with heat, I stay outside all day, but the sleeping part of the heat. I have a friend who didn't even have air for sleeping. We Americans are so pampered. HEE HEE...

Bec said...

sorry I am late reading this. I am glad you had ac that night. :) Wish I could have been there in that bare-room with you! hehe... one day!!!

ps, Haiti. period.

Kristi said...

We are praying for you and your travels and praying for the people in Honduras! Stay cool and rested!
Kristi, John, Grant & Garrett