Monday, July 17, 2006

last night was the best night i have had at church in a long time. rebeca never sits still so i took her outisde and we played with some other kids. well it started to rain so we had to go back inside the church.... i ended up on the floor with like 7 children gathered around me asking me questions and wanting to dig through my things. of course i let them, i couldnt help but humor their curiosity and i tried to answer as many questions as i could. we got out my camera and had a little fun with it, they dont see cameras much less a digital one. they were all running their hands in front of the lens and watching it on the viewing screen then i let them take some pictures. the one up there is one that i took, theirs were a little blurry as you can imagine a normal 5-10 yr olds pictures would be!

today i worked at the clinic, lots of patients :) i find that my spanish is still getting better and better everyday and i becoming more comfortable as far as speaking. i know that some of you are still praying for that and thank you! tomorrow is my last day at the clinic, it will be a bittersweet goodbye.

we are going to all of the villages tomorrow to remind them of the bregade and to ask permission to use the schools. pray that we have safe travels up the mountains and that the people will be open to letting us come in, we are going to some villages that we have never been in before.

oh yea.. something i forgot to mention on my saturday's post. during the Bible study in Los Panes, jennifer asked the kids if anyone knew who Jesus was. not one of them could tell her. i guess all of us thought that since we were in a village that was predominately catholic that they would at least know who Jesus was and might know some answers, but i guess they really dont know. that blew me away. another man congratualated us ... we were kind of suprised as to why he was giving us this praise. well turns out.. there have been groups that have come in and tried to start Bible studies but have given up shortly after because no adults were showing intrest. you know .... all people need is love and some kind of consistancy in their life, and the Lord provides the people. we just have to be patient. me, jennifer, and osmany were talking and we all agreed that if we are only in that village for one persons benefit, then all the work is worth it!

please continue to pray for us here in siguatepeque as we prepare for the teams to arrive. i have alot to do as far as washing my clothes and packing before we can leave on saturday morning. so please pray that i will be sensative to what the Lord has for me to do here for the rest of my stay. i have a feeling that the Lord is going to move really big in the next 2 weeks, i am so glad i am here!

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garrison said...

hey i hope the nxt few days b4 u meet the group from our church outdo the whole summer have a good tiem