Saturday, July 15, 2006

well no bus was in the way today, so we made it to los panes. jennifer taught the story of the prodigal son and the kids colored a picture that was about the bible study. they seemed to really have a good time today... i think we had over 60 kids.

it was kind of sad telling the kids bye today.. it was the last time i get to go to the village.

this week is going to be pretty crazy, or so i hear. we only have 6 more days until the team comes and alot of work has to be done. we have to go to all of the villages, pack up most of the house, clean the house, pack my stuff away, and prepare spiritually and emotionally for the teams. i am really excited about spending the week in olanchito with the team from my church! the Lord has some pretty awesome things in store, im so ready to get to work!

on wednesday we are going to the water park in san pedro sula.... im pretty pumped about that as well!

my last day at the clinic is tuesday, so pray for me as i wrap things up there and say my goodbyes!


Christin Mohon said...

hey you! i know this week is going to be kind of hectic, but i just wanted you to know that i am praying for you! and for the work that you will be finishing up this week! and also for when the teams get there! i know you are super excited about that! im excited for you..haha! have a great week! and i know the Lord is gonna use you as much as he can just like He's been doing this whole summer! muah!
love always,

mrs.fran said...

So -
can you believe that the team has to get up and meet at 3 a.m. Saturday morning to come your way?!! That's crazy!!! But they will be there before you know it - we are praying the next two weeks will be awesome! You know we love ya!
mrs. fran

wes said...

hey jess.
wow your summer over there is almost over. i know your excited that the team is coming soon. ill be prayin that there will be lifes touched when they come. ive got to remind bro gary to make you some sermon cd's to send with bro. terry. well the church is experincing a change also. the search commitee has found a minister of education and i think we are voting on sunday. i updated my blog so head on over there and check it out if you have time. i miss you lots jess and i cant wait for you to get home.