Saturday, July 01, 2006

today was my first Bible study @ Los Panes. it went really well, i think we had right at 50. mostly kids of course, but the Lord is faithful and He will bring them in! osmany led them in a few songs and then jennifer taught the Bible story of noah and the arc. after all of that was over we got the soccer ball out and kicked around with the kids, but before i knew it they were all gone! why??? jennifer got the bubbles out, they were amazed! not one of those children had ever seen anyone blow bubbles! they were going crazy trying to pop them, we could barely blow them away from our face before a mob of kids slapped at them!

i find myself amazed at being here on a daily basis, it is such a priveledge. you know we say we come here to minister to the people, but in all reality... i think they minister to us more than we do them.


Christin Mohon said...

i see a blue soccer ball in that pic!!! im glad its getting some use! im sure they love it! and the bubbles! that just amazes me! they get so excited out of bubbles! i wish things were like that here in the states for kids! we are all so spoiled! im glad yall study went well this morning! im praying for yall and the people going to it now and to come! thats a good number of kids! they all look so precious! yall are doing great things there and im so proud of you! te amo mucho!

garrison said...

that last statement is one of the most powerful things i have heard in a long time they minister to us more than we do them that blew me away

Christin Mohon said...

i agree with you garrison!!!

wes said...

jess im prayin for you.i love readin your blog to find out what your doin.i love you and cant wait to see your smiling face again.