Tuesday, July 04, 2006

these are some pictures from our bible study in panes this past saturday.. arent the little girls beautiful?!?!


wes said...

hey jess.
how was your 4th.it rained all day here. well im glad to see that your havin fun and i hope many peoples lifes are being touched by you. i cant believe that its almost time for our mission team to come to mexico. well i hope to see you soon. its lonely here without you.


garrison said...

hey jess hope u have a good week and by the way wes it isnt mexico its honduras

Momma said...

were back! ive missed you terribly especially on vacation. everything we did i thought of you. just not the same without you. this blog made my week. i hope you slept better since your blankie arrived. was the movie good? rebecca reminds me of you in that swimming pool. you spent alot of hours in a little pool with your dad. tell mrs. jennifer those days fly by, ENJOY! the children are precious in the pics i know they touched your heart. i cant wait for the swartz team to arrive. i know your work there has pleased the Lord. we will call you tonight.

Christin Mohon said...

those little girls are too beautiful!!!

Sonya Norman said...

Hey sweetie! Missed you a lot while we were in Alabama for a day with your family on vacation. I remember like yesterday when you were that age!!!! So sweet and innocent. Ann Marie asks constantly when you are coming home---I keep saying sooooooon darling. She will be so excited to see you when you arrive. Mamaw and myself miss you terribly as well. Don't forget Papaw's birthday tomorrow--the 7th. Say a prayer for us all that we have an alright day. We love you bunches.
Aunt Sonya

mrs.fran said...

looking at the calendar this morning made me realize that your time is coming closer to an end there. Next week Todd will be here and we can't wait - then just 12 or so days and you will be home and we can't wait for that either.
Keep up the good work and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We love you lots and lots!
mrs. fran