Thursday, July 20, 2006

this is the only picture that we took at the water park yesterday.... its hard to carry around a camera!!!

well this is probably going to be my last update from honduras. i will be meeting the team from FBC Swartz at the airport in san pedro sula on saturday morning and i will spend the week with them in olanchito. please keep us in your prayers!

thank you all for your love, support, encouragement, and most importantly your prayers! i could not have made it this summer without it! the Lord has done some amazing things here in my life this summer and some pretty cool work is going on here in honduras! please continue to pray for this country and for the people.


Christin Mohon said...

my sweet dear friend,
since this is your last post, i just thought i would grace your page with my presence on final time! haha! sister im soo proud of you! you are such an amazing woman of inspiration to many! thank you for being so focused on the most important thing in life! i know this summer has been amazing experience for you and there is still more to come in the next week! im always praying for you and i hope the Lord uses this week to the max...i have a feeling He will! have a great time with the team this week, they are all amazing! i know with all of yall there and everyone praying for yall and the people there, and yall showing His love through yall work, great things will happen. i just know it! well this is getting long and i know you are waiting for me to post it as we here it is! it's nothing much! just showing you my love! so one last time in spanish- Te amo mucho mi amiga mejor!
Love always,
Christin Anne

Momma said...

im so excited about your time with the swartz crew. this is going to be an amazing end to a great summer spent working for the lord.
soccer games are played mon-thurs
anywhere from 5-9. you are now on the maroon meal plan with $500 flex. i cant wait to put my arms around you for a long hug. ive missed you terribly. i hope christin has put the dorm in its place. you guys have to be suite mates. i cant wait for that washing machine to get cranked up again. music to my ears.

garrison said...

one whole summer in a foreign country where u went in knowing no one not knowing the language extensievly just with a plan to share the gospel and figure it on your own that took a lot of faith and i hope u reep the benefits of it i hope u have a good time with the team from here i wish i wus there have a good last week


mrs.fran said...

Hey girl!
Don't know if you will see this before you leave but I just want you to know that I am glad you will be home soon. I know it has been an amazing summer - that God has worked through you and in you. Can't wait to hear all about it! Love you dearly and we will c u soonnnnnnn!
mrs. fran

Anonymous said...

Hey sissy! I am praying for you and our team that will be joining you soon! God has such wonderful plans for you all! I love you and miss you! I can't wait for you all to get back! Love Ya, Ms. Stacy