Sunday, May 28, 2006

another day of nothingness... didnt even leave the house! i guess this is the Lord's way of saying, "you better rest now because starting monday there will be none!" haha.. gotta love that! in the morning we are going to the gym at 6 so that i can be at work by 8! tomorrow starts my summers work in the medical clinic!

please pray for me as i start to work in the clinic tomorrow! continue to pray for the fluency in the spanish language, the Lord is still showing me more and more every day! thanks to everyone who is already praying! i love you!


Momma said...


Don't work out too hard! I know you're going to do great in the clinic. Just that beautiful smile will brighten everyones day. I sure miss it. Can't wait to hear about your first day.

Love, Mom

Christin Mohon said...

hey sweetie! look my internet is working now...its only convenient huh?!? ugh! but anyways! Have a great day today! i know the Lord is going to show you some amazing things through this clinic work! muah!
love always,

wes said...

hey jess have fun workin at the clinic. i know the Lord is going to work through you.

With Love,


The Hunter Brothers said...

Hey Jess, Wer'e sorry that we haven't written to you yet. We just figured out how to get on here. We are so happy that the Lord is using you down there and are praying that you will be able to minister to them. The Lord is with you and you will allways have our prayers. Have fun at the clinic today.

Love Daniel y Hogan

garrison said...

keep up the good hard work lol i hope u meet many a person and are able to brighten up their life with alittle medical help and a big smile jessie white tooth lol