Wednesday, May 31, 2006

turns out i didnt make it to the clinic again today.... i was sick when i woke up again! blah...

i have felt good for most of the day though, so i figure my immune system has kicked whatever i had.

jennifer's best friend from honduras is in town for the next 2 or so days.. her name is nellie and she has a little boy named elijah. im sure most of the night will be consumed with getting to know them and enjoying each others company.

definatly will be back at the clinic tomorrow, so keep those prayers comin!

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Momma said...

Please let me know if you're feeling better. Aunt Mo said it was probably some kind of parasite(no matter how careful you are it happens)She said your immune system will probably get stronger and be able to fight it off next time. Aunt Mo said she can send life flight from Houston in to get you! She was kidding but serious. It made me feel better!

Love Mom