Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 1 @ Clinic

this morning started out with an hour workout at the gym! it was grand.. but i do have to admit that im sore!!!

well day 1 @ the clinic was nice. it was good, i really like the enviroment and i learned alot about medicine already. but its really stinken hard to communicate with people when you dont know their language.i get soooo frusterated at myself when i cannot speak to them and when i cant understand what they are saying. i really need you to pray for me for an understanding of the language and to be able to speak it and to have patience with it.
other than that.. the nurse there, Senora Thelma, she is amazing! such a sweet woman. there was also a girl that looked around our age that came in around 10 to help out. her name is marta, she was big fun. we saw about 20 people today and i saw more stuff today than ive seen in a while. these are some tough people....

we went to wendy's tonight... how random is that? a wendy's in honduras! think about it for a second if you dont think its slightly weird!?!?

alright... well yall have a nice night! te amo mucho y te extrano :)

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Christin Mohon said...

hola jessica! im sooo glad today went so well for you! Senora Marta sounds like a wonderful lady! thats great! and i know you are getting frustrated with the language. im def still praying for that barrier to be broken and for your understanding of it. i was absolutely Ecstatic to talk to you tonight and to just hear your voice :) te amo! have a great day tom!