Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm Here!

Well im finally here.... such a long awaited trip and im finally here, i cant believe it! the plane ride wasnt too bad and it was good getting to know jennifer and osmany on the car ride to siguatepeque. their house here in sigua is way far beyond what i would have expected. indoor plumbing, anytime internet access... i definatly dont feel like im roughing it!

the Lord sent someone into my life today when i really needed it. i guess He always does, but He is always faithful even when i forget that He is nothing less.

tomorrow should be an interesting day, im excited to see what it holds.....


Christin Mohon said...
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Christin Mohon said...

Hey sweetie! i am so thankful and excited that you arrived there and that you are safe and sound! ...indoor plumbing and internet access anytime! wow! haha! just a little different from what you thought huh? haha! im praying for you! have a great day tomorrow!
te amo,

Garon DarDar said...


Lisa and I are praying for you. Great to here that you have made it over there okay. SO PROUD OF YOU!

stay faithful

wes said...

Jess im happy to know that you made it ok. I love you and im praying for you


GladysHall said...

Hey jess!

Mamaw Gladys and I are reading this blog! I am so glad you are safely there. I wish she had outdoor plumbing! Guess who said that? I know you are going to have a great summer. Nicholas rode the tube today with his daddy. He said that was the most fun he's ever had! Your dad also let him drive the boat. Please e-mail me at work tomorrow.(Mamaw at home)
You are in our prayers every night as always. We will continue to pray that the Lord will touch many lives through you in Honduras.

Love, Mom and Mamaw

GladysHall said...

OK, we have to know everything. Who is the someone the Lord sent to you? What a lucky person!!!! Are you wearing your faith pen?
No unfinished sentences.
Love Mamaw