Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Day 3 Before Departure

So... It's official! I am going back to Honduras in 3 days!! I am really excited to see how the Lord is going to move and work this summer! Not only in my life but in the lives of the people around me! I am so thankful to be getting the opportunity to return to Honduras...

Here is how my schedule will look:
May 12-May 31: I will be living with Marlon and Trish Munoz in Danli
- 1st week spent with a college group in the mountains
- 2nd and 3rd week will be spent volunteering at a medical clinic and continuing the work that they have already started in Danli!
June 1-June 29 : I will be with Jennifer and Osmany Hernandez in Siguatepeque.
- I will spend my time there working in the medical clinic and continuing the Bible studies in the surrounding villages
June 30-July 7: I will spend the week with the team from FBC Swartz in Olanchito.
- We will be working in the mountains showing the Jesus Film, providing some medical care, and loving on the children!

Please pray for me as I take this next step of my life! I am really excited and ready to be used by the Father...

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ChristinAnne said...

WoW! look at that schedule! and its only one more day until it begins! How exciting!!! i cannot wait to hear all about each stage of your summer and how the Lord is going to use you every step of the way! you are such a Beautiful beaming light for Christ! keep on shining my friend! you are Always in my prayers! i love you!