Thursday, June 01, 2006

i woke up to the smell of pancakes this morning!!! yum....

i finally went back to the clinic and today was great! i got to experience the work of the clinics in the third world countries. in the states, we pre order gauz pads and cotton balls. they definately make them and all of that good stuff! there werent many patients today so we did a bunch of little things around the clinic.

still learning spanish... guess you could say im learning more every day?!?! sometimes i feel like im losing it.. hopefully not though!

nellie and her son elijah are still here with us, they are leaving early in the morning.

post office called today and i got my first letter in the mail today!! i get to go pick it up after work tomorrow.. im very excited!

please pray for the work done in the clinic tomorrow, friday's are normally pretty busy. pray that my ears will quick to hear and my mind will be quick to understand the spanish spoken in the clinic so i can better serve the people! thank you for your prayers!

im starting a spanish word of the day, haha. todays is : ABURRIDO ---- means bored


Momma said...

while i was writing my last comment, your update popped up. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Yesterday was Ethan's birthday. Sonya and Ann Marie are gone to the mountains with deedee. Chad worked out today for football. He is also going to work a little this summer. What is the address i can mail to. Make sure christin knows if she calls you she needs to be on an international calling plan because my phone call to you on Tuesday will cost over $100. i'm definitely getting on the plan, but i knew christin's mom would stroke like i did. Mr. Ron has been a lot of help to dad. i'm so glad tomorrow is friday.

Love, Mom

Christin Mohon said...

hey sweetheart! im so glad you are feeling better! and im totally pumped that we can talk now :) and wooo, im glad i had my calling card...haha! im praying for you! and i love the new spanish word every day thing...i actually know that word! haha! te amo mucho mucho mucho y te extrano tambien. take care of yourself!
love always,

mrs.fran said...

Can you believe that I figured out how to use this stuff? Well don't believe it - if it wasn't for Garrison you could forget about hearing from me this way.
Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that you have been under the weather but glad to know you are on the upswing.
We miss you around here but I am so excited about all that you will get to experience this summer. We've really been working hard at the B to get things ready to have a great fall. Survival is going to be bigger and better than ever! God is opening some huge doors for us to reach out to the campus. So I know your time in Honduras will be great preparation for that.
You know we are praying for you! Take care and remember that you can do ALL things through Christ who give you the strength!
luv ya, mrs. fran, fran, fran