Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another One Joins Us!!

So.. another american joined our midst! His name is Brady and he is a Christian! What a blessing! How cool to know that after I leave, Meagan and Brady will be there to continue the work in the clinic along with my other friends!

Please continue to pray for the time that I have left here in Danli, I know that the Lord is going to use me right down to the last day!

Jennifer and Rebeca are coming tomorrow :)

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ChristinAnne said...

adding more christians to the party at the clinic! woo hoo! what a blessing for them to be able to continue the work there ;) i know today is an exciting day! i prayed this morning for your day with Jennifer and Rebeca! i hope yall reunion is so awesome and that yall get to have some fun! i know you will loving on Rebeca all day! ;) i love you friend!