Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 2 Before Departure

Here is the address that I will be at in Siguatepeque, just in case you want to send me something :) Remember, when sending mail to Honduras it may take longer than normal. 2 -3 weeks is a pretty common, so if you sent something in the next couple of days I would most likely get it when I arrive! And if you wait to send something on June 15th, I would probably not get it by the time I am planning on leaving. Haha, this country takes snail mail to a whole different level!

Jessica Williamson
Apartado 109
Siguatepeque, Comayagua
Honduras CA
773 - 3685

Would love to hear from you guys!!


Steiner said...

Hey Jess. Look, I finally got a blog. I figured you would be excited to see what is happenin in A -town.....

Steiner said...

This is cool

ChristinAnne said...

hey friend! i just finished praying for you and the team- safety in your travels, rest on your minds and bodies, energy for each new beautiful day, open & receptive hearts of the people, breaking the language barrier for understood communication, and the ability to bond and build relationships with you and your team and between yall and the people there! May the Lord encourage yall today and Bless you all! i Love you!