Thursday, May 24, 2007

La Zebeda

today we made the long drive to La Zebeda to meet up and take some stitches and staples out of 2 young boys. the one with the stitches had healed nicely. however, the one with the staples was not so good. well i guess it wasnt terrible, but the mom had not let the wound breathe at all and she had cleaned it so much and covered it with a leaf!! if any of you have ever had an open wound, we all know you must let it breathe or it will be water logged and hard to piece back together! that is exactly how it was... but i decided to look on the brightside. at least it wasnt disgustingly dirty and neglected. his problem was easily resolved and we sent him on his way with some more antibiotics! we prayed with the boys before they left, i ask that you pray that the Lord would continue to heal their bodies and that their spiritual needs would be met!

tomorrow i will return to the clinic, pray for opportunities there. afterwards we are having some pastor friends from the mountains over for lunch. tomorrow night is youth night at the church, so that should be fun! we are going to watch a movie, one of my movies :) in spanish of corse!

i talked to jennifer today... she is coming to see us wednesday and then i will go back with them when they return to siguatepeque. i am looking forward to a fun reunion, especially with rebeca :)


Hannah B said...

hey my beautiful friend!
i'm doing great, just about to start pharmacy rotations on tuesday. i am praying for you my dear & I enjoy reading about your day & how the Lord is working & how you are growing!!! I know He will continue to strengthen you & guide you all summer long!! What movie will you watch? Have fun with the youth!

ChristinAnne said...

how thankful those families must be for the medical help yall have given to them ;) sounds like an exciting and opportunity-filled day chica! Woo-Hoo & Yip-Hee!!! ill be praying for each part of your day tomorrow when it is time for each specific event! the Lord is using you in Mighty ways sister and im so proud of your obedience to His every call! i pray He continues to encourage and brighten your day with His word & the people He has placed in your life as He surprises you beyond your wildest thoughts with His Almighty power! Remember friend, He is ALWAYS Faithful & His timing is so perfect! i love you much!

Dan Stan said...

Hey, i'm not quite ready yet but i'm on my way for bein ready. Thanx for the prayers and and i'll be prayin for you too. PEACE