Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Moviendo Montanas

Okay so the name of the clinic that i am working at is called Moviendo Montanas(Moutain Movers), it is a very neat place! i am loving my time there and wish i could have more of it! this clinic is specifically for teaching young people who intend to go into the medical field, and they do a great job at it! i mainly just help out in exams, tests, and in the pharmacy. so much fun! the guy that is pretty much in charge all day is a mess! his name is michele and he is from canada! he cracks me up... i spend most of my day trying to figure him out and trying to keep up with him! hes one of those people that just speaks WHATEVER pops into his head, and it is pretty stinken funny when it comes out. alex is the translator, he is from honduras but has lived in the states for 8 yrs and is back here trying to get his residency. another young guy that i have been working with is named gary, he is from danli as well. he speaks english very well and is actually coming to the US for college in august! i have gotten to know each of these people pretty well and i am looking forward to more doors that will be opened to hang out and spend time with them as a group! i mentioned before that i dont know if they know the Lord, so still praying that the Lord is going to bring that up into conversation. as a matter of fact, he already has in one instance :)

tomorrow we are going back into the mountains to take staples out of a young boy and stitches out of another! pretty cool to be able to follow up on then. pray for us as we make that drive, its about 5 hrs. a HARD 5 hrs!


ChristinAnne said...

sounds like you have some very interesting days ahead of you at the clinic with your coworkers-they sound so fun and i bet they keep you on your toes! thats so great that the clinic is made to inform and instruct people like you going into the medical world! im def praying for your days there and also for your drive to the village! 5 hours..whew! have a Blessed day tom and im looking forward to hearing how it went! te amo mi amiga!

Leslie Young said...

michele? sounds french! my sister lives in quebec with her french hubbie and four french he from around there in canada? wow. this world is so big and so small at the same time. your work at the clinic sounds...significant. you're providing a valuable service and gaining priceless experience, all while sharing yourself (and God within you) with some precious people! still praying!

Mom said...

i'm so excited for you! sounds like this is going to be a great experience for you this summer. i know the lord will open all of doors you'll need to make a difference. we really miss you. mamaw is going to borrow your car for a couple of days so that Bro. Kelly can borrow hers to go to a family grad. i knew you wouldn't mind. i would really like to talk tonight if you make it back in time. luv ya lots. mom

Jess said...

you are such a constant encouragment, i know that you are working you little fish mamma booty off and I am so happy for you and for all the blessings you are recieving from God! I'm praying for your conversations and open minds and hearts! I LOVE YOU!