Saturday, May 26, 2007


last night, my friend meagan from the clinic came over and watched the movie that we were showing for the youth! it has been so fun just getting to know her and hanging out!

i worked at the clinic this morning from 8 - 12 and while i was there the Lord opened up some doors. as i was sitting there, i prayed that the Lord would bring up some conversation that would glorify Him. as i was sitting in the storage room ¨popping pills¨well really we were just taking the pills out of the packages, haha; but while that was going on alex made a comment that he might want to come watch the second half of the movie tonight. but when i told him that it would be at the church tonight, he told me that he doesnt really go to church anymore. this opened up a HUGE door for me to share with him a relationship with Jesus as opposed to just religion. as we talked, i asked him some questions and he shared alot with me about why he is not a christian. as i was listening the only thing i could think was .... well i dont know where i would be if i had walked in your shoes. have you ever met someone who has just been crushed by legalistic individuals in the church? well there are alot of them here in honduras.... as alex and i continued talking, gary another native honduran joined the conversation. he told me that he felt the same way. it was soo neat to be able to talk with the guys about my relationship with the Lord and share with them what scripture has to say as opposed to a whole bunch of rules that the CHURCH has made. they told me that they liked what i had say, and the only thing i could think was, ¨well its definately not original i believe this is what Jesus taught.¨

most of you know, before i came down to honduras one of the main things that i prayed for was to have more friends. the Lord has provided above and beyond what i ever could have asked for! 3 more americans arrived at the clinic last night and i was given the chance to get to know them today! Kasey, John, and Thomas are all from Kentucky and seem to be pretty neat people.

after work today, all of the workers of the clinic including marlon went to play soccer! it was soo fun! i loved getting to play with them, i think it was just another step of developing those relationships with them!

tomorrow after church, we are going on a hike! i am pretty excited about that! so pray that as we hike tomorrow that the Lord would open up doors and just minister to their hearts.

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ChristinAnne said...

hey friend! what an amazing clinic day you had! its music to my ears! and Yay for new friends and lots of them...what a Blessing and answered prayer! and soccer with friends- i can just imagine how excited you were to play ;) new kentucky kids...Fun!!! sorry im talking in fragments..haha! but im so so so ecstatic to hear about your day today and how the Lord used you in so many ways! im praying for you hike tom! i love you friend!