Monday, May 21, 2007

Internet Is Great!!!

wow... i am so glad that i am able to communcate with everyone through the internet! i just might not would make it otherwise :) haha... just kidding but it really is sooo great to hear from everyone, such an encouragement!

yesterday marlon and i went to church in the morning and i was able to join the young peoples class! it was fun but really hard to understand. i prayed that the Lord would show me what He wanted to show me and He did, as always! we went to church last night as well. the church was celebrating its 15th anniversary so it was cool to get to be apart of that. the service was run slightly different as well.

this morning, i woke up to a not so good feeling. i have been sick all day because of some cheese that ate! NEVER again will i eat the cheese!!! it was hott in danli today, trish and i both slept most of the day on the cool tile floor while we were both suffering the reprocussions of of the cheese.

tomorrow i should start out at the clinic, please pray for me. i am nervous and i need the Lord to calm my heart and my fears. i know it is going to be a great experience!


ChristinAnne said...

i hope today you are feeling much better than yesterday my friend! you have my prayers as you go to the clinic today- such an awesome opportunity! you are going to be fantastic! i cant wait to hear how it went! te amo!

Uncle Keith said...

Hey Jess,

I just wanted to drop you a line and say hi. I love you and am praying for you. Just remember (in regards to your earlier post about revelation from the Lord) that he reveals things to us line upon line precept upon precept. In other words, a prcoess, which is not always fast. But our commitment and obedience it all or nothing (no process here), we are either committed or we are not. I said all that to say, just maintain a willing and obediant heart, with child-like love and faith, and the rest will take care of itsself. He will reveal Himself to you and through you. He will change you to be more like Him.

I love you. Be encouraged and don't eat anymore cheese.

Uncle Keith