Monday, May 28, 2007

Caminando Arriba La Montana

So this is what it looked like after i got to the top of the mountain! it was a great hike up.. we hiked like straight up for about 2 hrs and then slid down the mountain on our butts! it was an intense hike up, we even had to use a laso to pull ourselves up some difficult parts! and even the slide down the mountain was intense... loved every minute though! it was so fun to get to continue to build relationships with my friends from the clinic!

yesterday was my last sunday at church, i understood most of the lesson! how refreshing to hear a word from the Lord, in spanish :) thank you all for praying!

this will be my last week in danli, so please pray for a continued building of relationships with my friends from the clinic and that the Lord would use them! also that we can minister in this clinic that reaches the people.

jennifer and rebeca are coming here on wednesday! getting really excited!!!


ChristinAnne said...

you slid down the mountain on your butt? is that just a figure of speech or did you really do that? haha! you look so great friend and i cant imagine the feeling of standing on top of that mountain after an intense hike! my prayers are def with you as you are preparing for you transistion! your friends sound so great and im praying that the Lord will continue to Bless every single moment with them! love you!

garrison said...

hey jess hope your summer is going great we cantr wait for you to come home but we are amped you are continually serving the lord


Leslie Young said...

wow! i am impressed! you look great...glowing! Jesus really does brighten the face and the heart!
still praying for you...jess' departure is drawing near, also!
Lord, bless Jessica's relationships 'immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!'