Tuesday, June 12, 2007

amazing days...

okay so have you ever had a day where you just felt really loved by God? well i DEFINATELY had one of those days on sunday :)

i wrote in my last post that meagan and brady came to church with me. that was a great part of my day, but i had no idea that the best was yet to come.

at 3, we headed out to la ferria again. some of my friends from the clinic joined us: meagan, uli, and casey. doña maria and july also joined us :) ¨la ferria¨in english means ¨the carnival¨. this village has a name like this because all of the houses are made out of sticks and colorful plastic bags. kind of like the ones we get at the grocery store. the reason their houses are like this is for a couple of reasons 1) they are poor 2) they are waiting on the government to lease the land to them legally so they can build their little village. some of you know that right now in honduras, this season is called the rainy season. well how well do you think plastic bags from wal mart would protect you from the rain?? - --- not very well!! marlon and trish had this idea to pray about getting these people some heavy duty tarps to protect them during the rainy season. sunday was the day that we were able to take them out there. we were also able to give them a guitar donated by someone back in the states, they were very thankful for both. marlon and trish have been working in the village for 8 months now and this is the first time they have given them anything other than the word of God; in hopes that they would be completely satisfied with the things of God instead of being dependent on material things. as we were finishing putting the example tarp on a house, the rain came! it was like the Lord was putting His stamp of approval on the tarps :) we were also planning on heading out soon after but the rain was a God given delay. During the rain we sat underneath the house with the new tarp and sang with the children and adults. we took pictures, laughed, and sang our hearts out. it was a great time! when the rain relented a little, we decided to head back into town before it got too dark. well to our suprise, it began to rain again. and what you dont know yet is that meagan, myself, uli, and casey were all riding in the back of the truck because there was no room in the cabin for everyone. so we road the whole 45 min back into town with a tarp over our heads, it was big fun!!! and soooo memorable! it was great to share that time with the girls from the clinic, great bonding time :)

last night marlon went back to la ferria to show the jesus film. no response as far as acceptance of Christ goes but we are confident that the Lord is working in the hearts of those people. please pray for them!

i have been spending my days working in the clinic... great experience for what is to come! i am so thankful for this opportunity and i feel like this summer has prepared me for ministry in the states in sooo many ways!


Leslie Young said...

what a precious post. i'm completely welling up with love for these people i don't even know. (truth be told, i really don't know you ;) but i feel very bonded to you for some reason!) i thank God for you and the ministry He is performing through you and your sweet fellow laborers. God bless you, jessica!

ChristinAnne said...

thank you for sharing your "amazing days" with us. it is such a Blessing to hear how the Lord is moving over there. i know you are working hard! im consistently praying for you everyday my friend. i love you!

Kristi said...

Sounds like we all need a trip there to get a new perspective on life. Stay dry!
Kristi and Grant and Garrett