Friday, June 15, 2007

Anyone Can Comment!

Okay so during my lesson on technology for trish, i found out that i can make it to where anyone can make comments on my blog!! all you have to do is click anonymous and post! i will be expecting alot more comments now :)


ChristinAnne said...

i hope your day is going so well! i love you! ;)

Andrew Elston said...

Hey Jessica,
Congratulations on making it into nursing school. I'll tell Lora. I'm sure she will feel sorry for you =)

I didn't know you were in Honduras again. How encouraging! Proclaim that gospel!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jess! Now I can tell you on here instead of facebook how proud I am of you and how I am praying for you each and everyday. Keep learning from those precious ladies in Honduras. They sound wonderful!

Enjoy your time there because I know it is going by quickly!

We love you!
(mrs.) fran

Anonymous said...