Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Day 1 @ Clinic and More

Yesterday was my first day at the clinic and it went GREAT! I felt as though I picked right back up where I left off. What a great feeling! The nurse, Thelma, and the Doctor, Dr. Suazo, were happy to see me and we caught up on a few things :) My friend Marta was there as well, so good to see her again! My spanish was also suprisingly good yesterday, only by the grace of God :)

Today we were supposed to go to Panes, a village that I served in last year. But turns out we had to take care of a few things before Osmany leaves for a couple of days.

Tomorrow I will be going back to the clinic! Please pray for a continued understanding and ability to speak the Spanish language. And pray that the Lord would continue to build those relationships that I made in Danli. I am going back this Saturday and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store!


Jess said...

praying praying praying***

Leslie Young said...

joining in the praying for you and your wonderful friends! you are amazing! reading about your adventures has been a blessing and i'm glad you're letting us participate by knitting our hearts together in prayer!

ChristinAnne said...

YAY for having such a great clinic return! and that your spanish was so good! the Lord is soo soo amazing! my prayers are with you as you go back today and as you are preparing to go back to danli! take care Jessica and i love you!