Friday, June 22, 2007

Clinic Days

My last few days have been spent working in the clinic in the mornings and helping out at the house in the evenings. Monday started off not so good because all I was doing was filing stuff, the whole time thinking " you know this is really not up my alley, why am i doing this?". I had been filing the last week I was at this clinic and when I returned I was not pleased to find that the work had not been finished. The Lord humbled me and showed me that I am to be obediant no matter how small the task, so I pressed onward to finish my task. I actually grew to like to filing room, great worship time :) Turns out, Wednesday rolled around and Thelma (the nurse) told me that she needed me and let me tell you I did NOT go back to the filing room! On Wednesday the Doctor and Nurse both told me that tomorrow they were going to make me do all of the shots and IV's. Dude I about FREAKED OUT. I got really nervous and scared but I also knew that neither one of them would put me in a bad position. I woke up Thursday morning just praying that the Lord would give me a peace about what I would learn that day and that if He brought me to it, I know that He would get me through it. I was given the opportunity to give 4 shots that day! Each time, giving the shot got easier and easier. I have given shots before, but this just turned over a whole new page for me. No putting in IV's on Thursday but I did get to take one out. When I woke up this morning, I was just as nervous as the morning before. I spent time with the Lord and asked Him to calm my nerves, my fears, and whatever was making me feel like I this. Got to the clinic and the first thing Thelma asked me was, " are you ready to put in your first IV?" My stomach turned into a knot! But since I had already resolved that I was going to do whatever they gave me the opportunity to do, I picked up the equipment and prayed. I prepped the spot and got everything all ready, the only thing that was left was to insert the IV catheter. Good vein and everything, but I choked. I tried and realized that I wanted to watch before I actually did one of these, haha. So I watched intently, and the nurse told me, "Next time, YOU are doing it!". So that would be how my day started out, not too encouraging you might say. However, for some reason it didn't seem to phase me. Throughout the day I was given more opportunities to give injections and things of that nature, and it went SOO WELL. I'm a professional now :) Haha. The Lord has also been answering my prayers and probably the prayers of others about the language barrier. Today I was able to talk to patients, about other things besides medicine and just get to know them. That was a really cool experience! I want you all to know that I serve a BIG GOD, and He is able to do more than we could ever ask for or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20)

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ChristinAnne said...

great post friend! im so excited for your clinic work...and envious that you get to do all of this before nursing school! haha! and that your spanish is getting easier and easier! what an answered prayer! keep up your great work there both at the clinic and at the house. im praying for you for your day monday at the clinic: strength, courage, and confidence! you can do this friend! i love you and it was such a blessing to talk with you on friday!