Thursday, June 28, 2007

It was my last day at the clinic today, and it was a good day to end on. I never got to finish an IV but today I was given the opportunity to do an intravenous injection. So it was pretty much the same thing, I got it the first time :)
After work today, we prepared for the arrival of Jennifer's friend from Olanchito. Her name is Nellie and she has a 4 yr old son named Elias. I met them last year when they came to stay with us for a few days, so it was neat to see them again.
Once the bus arrived with Nellie and Elias, we picked them up and headed to Pane. It was raining the whole way up there, but we knew we were going anyways. We got to the village and began to do a small Bible study with the children and then we showed them a few crafts. The verse we talked about was John 1:3 "Through Him all things were made". The flower was a symbol of God's creation, they really enjoyed making it! We brought coloring sheets for them as well and shared some cookies and juice. It was a really good time. A nice ending to my summer here in Siguatepeque.
Tomorrow we are heading to San Pedro Sula to go to the water park for the day. I am excited about getting a day to soak up the sun and just have some fun with the kids! Saturday the team from Swartz will be here! Please pray for us as we spend the week serving in the mountains. Pray that we will be united as a group and that our individual ministries will shine through each of us. Please pray for their safe travel as they fly down on Saturday! As for me, this is my last post from Honduras! I will update when I get home about our week in Olanchito, so don't tune out just yet :)


Anonymous said...

I know what water park you're talking about! lol! I didn't expect Honduras to have water parks! My little friend Michaela tells me it's very fun though! ;) Have fun girl! See you soon!

ChristinAnne said...

beautiful pics of beautiful children once again friend! thanks for posting them and sharing about your day in Pane and at the clinic! have a blast at the water park, and dont forget your sunscreen! haha! praying for you and the team! i love you!

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are going before you as climb up those mountains. I know it will be a great week with the Swartz folks! Can't wait to hear all about it FACE to FACE!!!!

C U Soon!!!!

mrs. fran

Kristi said...

Sorry we have been out of town. Sounds like you are going to be ready for nursing school! Praying for a safe trip home!

Kristi, John, Grant and Garrett

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