Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yesterday we returned to a village that we worked in all summer last year so it was cool to go back. there is a church back in the states that has adopted the village so we went to get some information from the clinic head and the village leader. it is about a 45 to an hour drive from the town that we live in, we we left out early yesterday. on our drive up we met the nurse just walking along the side of the path, so we stopped and talked to him. he told us that the people of Pane are very mal nourished and have alot of sickness. basically they just need to be eduacated on ALOT of things. that is someting that we are working on.. jennifer and i are going to be putting together a presentation about how and why it is good to boil your water, brush your teeth, how to make home made toothpaste, how to NOT get parasites. so that should be fun! then we met with the village leader, the Lord had him standing right at the entrance when we arrived! we talked with him about who needed the latrienes(outhouses) and things of that nature. there are 55 homes without outhouses!!! how crazy is that? there are 201 families in this village, and they say that over half of them are in extreme poverty. this sunday we are going back to meet with the people that need the outhouses.

spanish is getting easier and easier! praise the Lord!


ChristinAnne said...

thats so great about Panes getting adopted! YAY! Outhouses are definitely a Blessing for them i bet! and how awesome you and jennifer get to teach them how to prevent themselves from getting parasites and to become cautious. the Lord has yall doing some pretty amazing things...keep working for Him! i cant wait to hear how Sunday goes! i love you!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you will be a part of improving the standard of living for these precious people!
Their hearts will be so open to the gospel once see they see how you guys are loving and helping them.
You are all in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

You are so amazing! I love you so much & I cannot wait to see you again!! I love you- Kasey!

Leslie Young said...

whoa. i'm constantly challenged by how comfortable and complacent i can be. having a shift in perspective through your experiences is so humbling! thanks for being such a wonderful instrument in our wonderful God's plan! what a great nurse you already are!
love, love, love,