Monday, June 04, 2007

one thing i did not miss...

okay well i forgot about how much i HATED cold showers... haha, actually they are really not so bad once your body gets acclamated to the arctic temperature :)

so it is official, i think... i am going back to danli saturday and will return to siguatepeque the next thursday.

going to the clinic to work tomorrow (clinica medica bautista), please pray that my first day goes smoothely and that it will be a good reunion with my friends from there!

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ChristinAnne said...

oh no- cold showers! i know how excited you are to get to go back to danli for one more week! keep planting those seeds and He will definitely grow them! im so happy you get to spend a little bit more time with your friends there! ;) i know the Lord is so proud of you sweetie for your Danli ministry! i prayed for your clinic day today as i got up this morning. i cant wait to hear how it went! i love you!