Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Another day with the Mobil Clinic, we went to a village named Santa Rosita. My first time ever with the Mobil Clinic we went to this same village but MANY things were different about this trip! A new doctor worked with us, Doctor Molina. And there was the usual crew of Alex, Rosalia, and Miguel (dentist). We pulled up and we weren't at the Centre de Salud, we were at the church. No one was exactly sure why we were not at our normal spot but being as flexible as these people are here in Honduras... no one complained and began to set up for the day. Things started off pretty normal, we helped pull files for patients and checked their weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar for those who needed it. After we finished with pre-consult info we helped Rosalia get the medication for each patient after they came out of their consult.

At the end of the line of patients, they always have "citologias" for some females. Now for those of you who are not medical majors, I am going to go ahead and apologize, you may not want to read if you are not into medicine. But for those of you who would be excited to hear about this, the Doctor needed some help so I went back to assist him! Citologia means Pap Smear in English! The Doctor had a small 5X5 room with a lantern to light the way! We got a flashlight and I assisted him with the first one. The next one, he got Jess to come in and help. During the process, he asked me if I would like to actually DO the test. Of course, I did not turn down the opportunity! So I did a Pap Smear today with Jess's assistance! The Doctor said that many of the women are more comfortable if another woman does their test. I was very thankful for the opportunity to learn more about the human body and to get some hands on experience is PRICELESS! Below is a picture of the room the Doctor did his consults in... SMALL!

The clinic ended, we packed everything up and the crew decided they wanted to "explore" the mountain! Haha, it was a fun experience! We must have gone up some of the steepest inclines I have ever seen and somehow we made it out on the main road! So I guess the exploratory work did its job! The scenery was beautiful and we enjoyed the time of fellowship with our friends!

Going to Hermon tomorrow.. pray for us!


Christin said...

WHOA friend! that's some kind of EXPERIENCE! Amazing!!! I just can't even fathom it...& I would love to be there learning with you! ;)

I'm so proud of you & what you are doing there! The people in those villages are so Blessed to meet you & be under your care! I know the Lord is using you in indescribable ways! I thought about you alot today..especially when we went to the missions portion of VBS!

Continue allowing the Lord to shine through you & speak through you (with your phenomenal spanish speaking ability if I do say so myself!)

Leslie Young said...

Great adventure, great experiences! I'm so proud of you girls! I'm with Christin - our missionary stories in VBS this week have all been about college missionaries serving around the world -- in my class, we pray for them and our OWN missionaries! Have a great day at Hermon! Be nice to the mountain men! Love you and praying for you!

bec said...

wow! That's crazy! Thanks for the update.. lol.

I miss you like crazy! We made a video for you today... I'm not giving you any details until you watch it... it was Christin's idea.. I think you'll really like it.

I saw ann marie today, too. She is so precious!

I love you, Jess, and I am praying for you guys! Looking forward to an update on how today went back at the clinic with the pretty crackers!