Sunday, June 01, 2008


After a busy week of adjusting to Siguatepeque, recovering from illnesses, working in the villages and clinics, Jess and I were pumped about a weekend of relaxation! I have to admit, my attitude about it was probably not the best at first but I have come to realize that I really needed this time of rest! It felt so good to sleep in until 9 am on Saturday morning! I was able to spend a bunch of time reading, praying, and meditating on the things the Lord is doing in my life. We watched movies, napped, talked, ate, played with Rebeca and just pretty much did WHATEVER! Jennifer, Jess, and myself started Beth Moore's "Wising Up" series on Proverbs Wisdom this past week and watched the second session last night. After the session was over, the Lord opened up doors for great conversation and LOTS of fellowship! We must have talked for 3 hours after the movie was over about the situations in each of our lives :) I know some of you were praying for our time together, THANK YOU! I saw the Lord answer prayers as we were going last night! Since we didn't go to bed until around 2 am this morning, we slept in until 10 am! Jess and I laughed because it is the latest we have stayed up since being here in Honduras! This morning has been spent just spending some more time with the Lord and getting some clothes washed since the rain has stalled for a while.

I have been reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell since being in Honduras. Something that has really struck me over the past few days of reading it is that he explains Christianity as "a way". I really thought that was an interesting way of explaining things. Rob Bell states "As a Christian, I am simply trying to orient myself around living a particular kind of way, the kind of way that Jesus taught possible. And I think that the way of Jesus is the best possible way to live." He says "that whenever we purposefully try to live the way of Jesus, we find ourselves living more and more in tune with ultimate reality. Because Jesus said that when we see Him, we in turn have 'seen the Father'. Through His compassion, peace, truth telling, and generosity, He was showing us God. This makes God the ultimate reality. The kind of life Jesus was living was perfectly and completely in connection and cooperation with God, this makes it the best possible way to live life." Just food for thought :)

Please pray that this week I will be sensitive to the Lord's leading, wherever that may be. I want to soak up every opportunity that He brings my way. Pray that there will be learning opportunities at the clinic for Jess and I both to be able to grow as nurses. Please pray that the Lord would lead us to be a servant no matter where we are at, pray that His light would shine through us.

Your prayers, encouragement, facebook messages,and blog comments have been so inspiring! Please keep them coming! Thank you for your support and your love! You guys are a huge part of ministry here in Honduras! I love you!

This picture was taken at some point during the week, but I thought it was too precious not to share :)


Christin said...

thanks for sharing your pic with Rebeca and for continuing to share your heart! i miss you more than you know!

Praise God for a restful weekend! i think it was a weekend well deserved! Continue to enjoy those days freely given to you! He is rewarding your hard work from the past 3 weeks and the whole semester still. Gosh, I can't believe you've already been there for 3 weeks!

that's so awesome about fellowship between you, Jennifer, & Jess. I will definitely be praying more for your guys' time together.

I'm continuing to pray for your upcoming week! Keep being obediant! He is using you in amazing ways there and I'm so proud of you!

i LOVE you

Leslie Young said...

I love the picture! And the insight. I think Michael has that book - I'll have to swipe it! I really admire the fact that you guys aren't neglecting your own spiritual growth and development as you serve. I think it would be easy to say "Hey, I'm over here serving the Lord, that should be enough." But you women are definitely exploring the depths of 'the way' and that is truly inspiring!
I love you!

Hannah B said...

I am so glad to check in with yall live via the cool 318 phone! :) Oh how I have a special place in my heart for Boston! Let's definately visit! And I would love to hop down to Honduras and hang out with you sweet girls. Thanks so much for your prayers & I will continue to pray for yall! Love you much too! Cross Camp, then swimming, relaxation, & hang out time are much important things when you return :)

Abigail said...

oh my goodness I am so happy and proud for you its just so amazing that I have a roll model that is 1 of the best christian people I know and I am so excited that I get to stay updated on your trip!!!!! I miss you even more than Christin does I have your mom as a teacher for VBS and she was talking today about how you were in a different country and how scared she was as a parent the 1st time you went out of country and how you said something like if I am in Gods will I am safer there than I am here and that reminded me about how amazing it was to have a roll model who NEVER takes her eyes off of Jesus!!!! love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!
love, Abigail

Anonymous said...

she is precious!
Love, Sydney Lengefeld