Friday, June 06, 2008

Life Is Good

Today was another fun filled day at Hermon. It was quite possibly the busiest day at a clinic that we have had so far this summer, 16 patients! Nothing too interesting, just stayed busy! Came home and shopped on the internet for a while, did not buy anything.. it is just fun to look sometimes. Haha, you know?

Jess and I had a bit of an adventurous spirit this afternoon and decided to take a walk into the central part of town. We wanted to try to find some tomales, mangos, tortillas and other Honduran foods to satisfy our cravings... well we got caught in the rain! Made it to the grocery store just in time before the bottom fell out and shopped around until the rain subsided. We found tostacas (Honduran treats), pan dulce (sweet bread), and other random treats that looked nice. On the way back to the house we stumbled upon the tortilla makers, the fruit cart, and the tomales! I was excited that we had found the market! However, they did not have the kind of tomales that I wanted... but they did have the tortillas and some GINORMOUS mangos! It was really fun to walk around and get to know the city a little better, we probably walking about 3 or 4 miles all together :)

We watched a video in the "Wising Up" series by Beth Moore tonight. She had a good word about being a wise wife! Or maybe I should say LOTS OF GOOD WORDS! I have not the slightest clue who the Lord has for me in this area, much less am I married and I felt the Lord speaking so strongly to my heart! Praise the Lord for holding wisdom in the palm of His hand and offering it to us... all we have to do is go get it!

For those of you who do not know, I have many friends traveling home from Africa as we speak. Please pray for them as they make this long journey home. Pray that the Lord would protect them and bring them home safely to us; pray that He would continue to use them as they are lights for Him, even in the most unlikely places.

Osmany is coming home tomorrow from his week in the Mosquitia, so I am sure we will spend the day relaxing and hearing of the Lord's work in the eastern part of Honduras. I am praying that this weekend will be restful, meaningful, and full of the Lord's presence!

Spanish Word of the day:
Busy --> Ocupado


Christin said...

yay for staying busy today. I'm sure it was a slight change from the week but I know you girls handled it so well.

exploring is always fun, especially when you find your fun treasure...mangos & tortillas!

"wising up" sounds so rewarding...I'm so glad yall are able to do that together & to have that time of fellowship with God honoring conversations! continuing to pray for your times together wishing up!

also praying for your weekend: relaxing, fun-filled, meaningful, restful, & peaceful. talk with you soon!

Leslie Young said...

Hey girl! I really enjoy your updates so much! I've become a total blog/facebook stalker, constantly on the lookout for updated posts, photos and videos! But I need to get ocupado at my house today! Love you! Have a fun weekend!

bec said...

you and Jess have such an adventurous spirit! hehe.. sounds like a great little journey!

I love you so much!