Sunday, June 08, 2008


here is the video ... the one that Jess doesn't want me to put up :)

Yesterday (Saturday) was a pretty uneventful day. The highlight was going to eat at Bongo's... and to be honest, I really wouldn't even consider it a highlight because the food was not very good! Haha.. NOT what I was expecting! Jess and I had some good girl time and enjoyed our day off from work. We were also able to talk to our friends that had just made it in from Africa.. it was so good to hear from them and know that they are safe! God used them in incredible ways, I cannot wait to hear more!

Today we slept until 10 am, I CANNOT for the life of me remember when the last time it was that I have done that! FELT SO GOOD! Jess and I decided to take a hike this morning after we got up and ate breakfast, we only went for 40 minutes but it was good to be out in the sunlight and to be moving around! Not hard to admire the Lord's creation here :)

After lunch we washed some clothes, I wrote some thank you letters, and read a book! At 5 pm we headed to Jesus de Otoro to go to Iglesia Bautista Nazert for their 7th anniversary as a church. It was Jess's first experience in a church here in Honduras and I would have to say it was not the funnest! Haha, the church service was over 2 hours long and when it is in a language that is not your own .. as you can imagine it makes things hard to concentrate! I was glad that we brought a book to read on because the pastor preached for an hour and a half! The sweet people from the church fed us before we left, so hospitable! If there is one thing I could learn from these people and bring back to my home in Monroe, it would be the gift of HOSPITALITY! They have an incredible nack for it!

The drive home was nice, we were able to listen to some music and look at Siguatepeque lit up at night as we drove in. Lots of laughs with Jennifer, Osmany, Rebeca, and Jess :) We just HAD to make a pit stop at KOBS to get some icecream to finish off a great day! And OH BOY, it was GOOD!

Spanish Word of the day:
Icecream --> Helado


bec said...

I am proud to say that I previously knew the Spanish word for the day. But, I am glad you chose it, because I'm sure it will come in handy for everyone.

Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon. I love the pics of yalls hike. And, I know what you mean about the long sermons. When we were in Mexico, he preached EVERY night for like 40 minutes, but then the prayer at the end lasted about 20. I couldn't ever tell when they were finished... it was crazy! But I am glad you guys had a great time. I need to work on being more hospitable! hehe. Thanks for the reminder.

I love you. I am glad you liked our video for you. You and Jess are so crazy!

: )


Christin said...

hehe...that video was cute! Jess Y., I'm sure you are picking up more spanish than you think. I will be praying more for you in that area. Yay for 10AM this morning and the beautiful scenery of your hike. thanks for sharing those photos! It was good to hear your sweet voice for the short time that I did hear it today.

whoa on the 2 hours of preaching in Spanish. I know the Lord will bless you for going & attempting to understand. So glad to hear that the drive home was fun!

praying for your day tomorrow! & I'm also glad you enjoyed our video for you! i LoVe YOU!

Leslie Young said...

I bet y'all were doing some of that 'groaning too deep for words!'
And I loved the video! Jess you really sound like a native (Jess Williamson, that is!) Thanks for being a patient instructor for my Jess!