Monday, June 02, 2008

"Galletas Bonitas" --- beautiful crackers :) Haha, I guess "beautiful crackers are better than ugly crackers" - Hannah Brown

We went to Hermon today, and it was a rather slow day, as you may can tell by our picture taking with the "beautiful crackers". Jess and I always seem to make the best of it though! I gave a few injections, helped with medication, and we did some bookkeeping for their records. Jess will be giving an injection sometime soon, so you can just go ahead and be praying for the Lord to give her boldness :) Over all, it was a good day at La Clinica Medica Bautista!

After we finished at the clinic, we rode up-town to buy some groceries and to have lunch. My favorite thing about eating lunch in the grocery store is that I can have "Jamaica" juice. It is fabulous! Played with Rebeca outside for a while today, I just love the girl! Rested, watched a movie, ate some good ole' pizza and rice crispy treats, and now I am ready for another day!

Tomorrow we are going with the Mobil Clinic to Santa Rosita. I have been to this village before, so it will be cool to be able to visit again! Pray for Jess and I as we serve the people in whatever way the Lord may call us to serve. Pray for safety as we travel into the mountains and pray that His light will shine through us. I love you and miss you all!


Leslie Young said...

I'm with Hannah: if you have to eat crackers, they may as well be beautiful crackers! And I'll be praying for you and your beautiful feet as you travel today to love and serve in Jesus' name!

bec said...

I'm praying! Can't wait to hear about yall's day tomorrow! Love you.

Christin said...

It's so great that yall are making the best out of slow days! I'm so glad to hear you had a great day and fun with Rebeca!

I'm praying always for you! keeps the pics coming...I just love all them and the videos! I can't wait to hear/read how today went! Te amo!