Sunday, June 04, 2006

this morning church started at 9, i chased rebeca around for 2 hrs. but hey, its better than sitting and listening to my spanish brother preach for an hour when i cant understand a word he is saying!

came back after church and ate and just kinda hung around until church started again at 6. i got to go with rebeca again outside but this time some kids joined us. that is what the picture is from. they were soo good with her and they were good with me also! i think i learned more spanish tonight from their eagerness to learn english and help me learn spanish! we chased chickens, cats, dogs, and whatever else crawled! it was big fun!

tomorrow i will be back at the clinic, so pray for my understanding of the language and that the Lord will use the clinic to reach the community. i think we might go to the park tomorrow after work, so we'll see!

spanish word of the day: POLLO --> chicken


garrison said...

may the lord bless u and keep you have a good week pray for us here it is vbs week i miss u good buddy


Christin Mohon said...

i am so excited that you learned some spanish today from the kids! thats great! i know the Lord is hearing all of our prayers on the language barrier! have a great day at the clinic tom! im praying for you! muah!

mrs.fran said...

hey jess!
We sure do miss you around here but it is awesome to get read this everyday to see what you are doing.

You don't know it but even though you aren't with us in Sunday school each week Bro. Collin told us to count you anyway - so you are with us in spirit - and on the roll!

We talked to Doug today in Glorieta. He is having a great time too.

Summer school starts tomorrow so I guess the B will get busy with a few people for a change. It has been very quiet the last few weeks.

You know we love you and hold you up in prayer every day!!!!!!!

mrs. fran