Friday, June 16, 2006

today was a good day.... clinic this morning and a pretty relaxing afternoon. im looking forward to this weekend! hopefully we will go to Panes tomorrow and then a full day at church on sunday!

spanish phrase of the day: !QUE LINDA! --> how precious, how beautiful, how sweet...whichever one you want it to mean


Momma said...

It is so good to see your face. Are you alittle sunburned? Rebecca is beautiful. I can't wait to meet her. Sonya bought ann marie a four wheeler yesterday. She really thinks shes something. She wants you to watch her so she keeps looking to make sure you are watching so shes not watching where shes going. She took out one baby tree so far. It reminded me of you and chad when you got something new to ride. We'll call tomorrow so you can talk to dad. We are really going to miss you. I told mrs. donna that you had given your first shot. she said she didnt give her first shot till level 11 nursing. Hope you have a great day at church tomorrow.

we love you and miss you!

garrison said...

hello friend ope ur weekend is good

Christin Mohon said...

i agree with your mom...its good to see those sunburned cheeks of yours! haha! i love hearing about the things you are doing! keep up the amazing work and sharing of your love and Christ's love with everyone! te amo!

Sonya Norman said...

Hey sweetie. Your mom is soooooo right. Ann Marie is absolutely hysterical and reminds me of you so much. Mom and I think and talk about you daily and miss you very much. Remember we love you and you are always in our prayers!!!

Aunt Sonya

Momma said...

Hey jessica you are getting uglier by the day

love u chad

Momma said...

Not really, ann marie got a fourwheeler and has already had a wreck on it and rides it 24-7. Iam leaving for church tuesday. And we planned a vacation with the Blacketts on July fourth week. We are staying in there Condo.

Momma said...

O yeah these last few comments were from your brother chad

mrs.fran said...

What a great picture!!!!
We had a good group in Sunday School yesterday - but we can't wait til you get back.
Keep up all the great work you are doing.
Holding you up in prayer!
luv ya,
mrs. fran

Garon DarDar said...

For Jess and for everyone to read,

I am praying for you and check your blog almost everyday even though i may not post. I am glad so many people are writing you. I just pray that all your family and friends will see that you are an extraordinary person, radical, sold-out, committed to Christ and that they will follow your example. We cannot be satisfied with just going to church or going to a church camp, it is about loving Jesus and your life being different because of it. It is not about going to church when it is convient or going to church camp because all of your friends are going, it is about what your doing, getting the Gospel out to a lost and dying world. Continue to be sold out, people will wake up one day. I believe the bar you set is very high and the rep you left in the youth department still holds on today. Hope all that makes sense.

Your friend in Christ,

Christin Mohon said...

AMEN to that!!!