Wednesday, June 07, 2006

we were supposed to go to panes today to put up posters and what not to make our Bible study well know... but that didnt work out becasue of the constant rain for the past couple of days. instead we went eat at a restaurant then decided to go house hunting. didnt find any houses for rent, and the ones that were werent really livable. we came back to the house for rebeca to nap and watched Radio, what a good movie! then me and jennifer went to the gym, an arm workout! haha, im sooo weak in my arms! we had tomales for supper tonight, they were awesome!

tomorrow i will be back at the clinic, and if the weather permits we will do some work at panes tomorrow after lunch.

sorry not much of an interesting day.....

spanish phrase of the day: TE AMO --> i love you


mrs.fran said...

Hey Jess!
Remember how Mr. James reminds us in Sunday School that sometimes the hardest times to be faithful is in the normal day to day activities of life. Hang in there - you are right about being obedient. I was reading today how to hear the still, small voice of God we have to get into the quiet and rest. I know God is going to teach you mighty things this summer! We are praying for you!
love always,
mrs. fran

Christin Mohon said...

hola mi amiga mejor!!! im sorry today was rained out and the past few days have been rainy. that's just a bummer! but i definitely thought about you today when i was "doodaling" at work (dont exactly know how to spell that) but yea....since we were being so productive..haha! but sweetie im praying for you and for yall work there and everything that goes along with know that! but yea....have a great day tomorrow at the clinic and in panes! te extrano mucho y te amo mucho!
love always,
christin anne