Saturday, June 24, 2006

im really upset that i dont have pictures from today, but its not my fault. my camera ran out of battery before we even got there. it was a pretty cool day here in honduras.....

i went with some of the people from the clinic i work at on what they call a "medical bregade". we drove about an hour to a village and set up to see the patients. i guess we got started around 8:15 and did not finish until 3. we saw 123 patients! wow... God is good

i helped with the pharmacy which means i got the presciption and labeled the meds. it was crazy hott in there with so many people but we managed to get it done without totally losing it.

today confirmed again what the Lord is calling me to do.... to use nursing as a gateway for the Gospel. i am so excited to begin the journey God has called me to go on, and i know that this summer is big time preparation for it :)

thank you for your prayers today, i feel like many of them where answered. tomorrow will be a full day at church, maybe i will understand a little !?!?

spanish phrase of the day: " TENGO MUCHO CALOR" --> i am very hott


Momma said...

it is so exciting to hear about your day. you are going to have a heart for your patients most nursing students have not experienced. My prayers for you are being answered every day. I know you will have a great day at church tomorrow. im headed to pick chad up. we're so proud of you!

garrison said...

hey glad u had a good day adios

Christin Mohon said...

hey sweetie!!! sounds like an amazing day! i know you were in your element! te amo mucho! i miss you!
love always,

james&jodi said...

Busy huh? We love knowing that you are being used of the Father and are learning so much. We head to youth camp tomorrow. You need to pray for us this time ;-)

Garon DarDar said...


we are leaving for camp tomorrow, be praying for me as i leave Lisa and Lydia for a week. I pray that church will go great tomorrow for you and that God will amaze you. My heart is heavy for the lost people around us here and I know that yours is also. But my heart is also very heavy for God's people around us that are living their own lives (carnal). Some at church (basically youth and youth parents) think that I am already to critical of their Christian walk, but so many times I just sit back and don't say anything even though i know God wants me to say something. I apologize to you because i think sometimes that you expect me to say things to some people in order to help their Christian walk and I don't say a thing. This has consumed my time for the last two days, and I been thinking about it for the last year and a half. I know other people read this blog besides you, but that is okay. I pray that this makes sense to you. Oh, I said all this to say that I want to be more intentional in helping others.

Not perfect just forgiven

Garon (Romans 13:8)

mrs.fran said...

Helloooo Jessie Whitetooth!
So glad you had such a great day serving at the clinic. When you come home you will have such an appreciation for the standard of living we enjoy here in the states.
I'm sure we all could use an opportunity to realize how blessed we really are!
Thanks for the great "snail mail" letter - it was such a blessing to us. The youth pulled out after 10 last night and should be arriving at camp soon. I know God has alot in store for them this week - thanks for your prayers for them and all of us back home.
God Bless you and keep you in His care!
mrs. fran