Sunday, June 11, 2006

todays trip was to a little village, Yoritto. it took over 3 to get there and about 4 to get back... so it was a long day!!! but they told me it was a productive meeting... there were 6 men that hiked 4 hrs down from their different villages to meet with us. there are 35 villages around Yoritto that can only be hiked into that need to hear the Gospel, so some work will be starting there soon!

spanish word of the day: VACA --> cow


Christin Mohon said...

Wow! thats some great stuff! im glad the meeting today was productive and some work will be starting there soon! i miss you lots!
love always,
Christin Anne

garrison said...

the word of the day is nice

Momma said...

how are you feeling? Chad pitched 6 innings tonight. We won 15-3. He was excited. The team played well. I know you had a long day sunday. I hope you learned alot on the trip. I will get your goodies in the mail tomorrow.