Monday, June 05, 2006

well im glad i woke myself up today at 6 50 or i would have never made it to the clinic.... the whole house slept until about 7 15. haha... so i got there a little later than normal, but it all worked out. we saw about 20 to 25 patients today. and when you see them all in a time span of 4 hrs, thats pretty dang good! senora thelma told me that the next person that needs an IV, i get to start it! yay... and i might get to give shots too!!! haha, big fun!!!

tomorrow... clinic again. then to the gym after lunch! haha, its been a week since ive been! its not gonna be pretty!!! my spanish today was alot better, thank you for your prayers!! keep 'em comin!

spanish word of the day: TERRUNDA --> cotton ball (they make them here, its fascinating)


Garon DarDar said...


We miss you at VBS. Lydia got her first tooth today. She said she misses you. Not trying to make you sad, just telling you how much we miss you. Hey, I met Becky from the BCM last friday. She seems to be a great person, and we talked about you a little, it was cool, you would have been proud of me and was very nice and friendly. Well, you know I am always nice and friendly. I am just rambling on, but I just want to tell you that me and Lisa is praying for you.

Momma said...

i'm glad you're feeling better about your spainsh. Chad has a ball game, tonight(tues). we'll probably be kinda late. i know you'll do well with the iv and shots. We've already had lots of lookers at both houses. We got an e-mail from uncle keith in Mexico. He's doing well. I know the Lord is watching over both of you. I'm so proud you are both doing his work.

mom(what's the spainish word?)