Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i finally got some sun today, ahh i love it!!!
today we went to Panes to spread the word about our Bible study and work with the children... the pictures is of osmany explaining some scripture to a sweet family. there were glad that we were there.

the village is beautiful but most of the people live with literally the clothes on their back and need medical care. and the thing that gets me, this is just one village, there are SOOO many more that are just as bad or worse! even if you are not called to do foreign missions as a career, i would encourage you to either be apart of or support a mission trip to places like this. i have learned and seen with my own eyes the eagerness of these people who live with nothing to except and live out the Gospel of Christ, but someone has to tell them! taking medical care to them is a good door of opportunity!

i challenge you to seek the Lord's face and see if He would have you take the Gospel to ALL nations... it is an extreme calling but someone has to do it :) if you are interested in going with a team, let me know! i can plug you in somewhere!!!

spanish word of the day : SOL --> sun


Christin Mohon said...

WOW! what an update! i know the Lord is using you for amazing things there..and that He is just showing you the things the matter the most! i know you feel so strongly about helping them and im praying for you and that this update will just open peoples' eyes to see what is really happening and going on besides in their own little worlds..and that they can help in soo many different ways that they are unaware of. i am so proud that you are challenging all of us through your experience! you are making a difference in every single person's life who reads this and then some! keep it coming sister! you are doing great! te amo mucho mucho mucho mi amiga mejor!
love always,

garrison said...

wow sounds great i wanna go out to foreign missions so bad but i hadnt had the chance hope u r doin well aND HAVIN FUN IN THE SUN

mrs.fran said...

hey jess!
How awesome it must be for you to be apart of something so amazing.
I can't imagine all that God is teaching you this summer! What a blessing for us to be able to read about what you are doing everyday. We surely are praying for you and all of those you meet along the way. Have a great week! You know we love you!
mrs. fran

Sonya Norman said...

kyk870oi9. i love you jess!

ann marie