Monday, June 19, 2006

first of all i want to thank all of you who leave comments on my blog... you have no idea how much it means to hear what you all have to say! they are very encouraging and i sometimes wonder what i would do without hearing from the most important people in my life!

yesterday was a rough day. jennifer felt bad so she didnt go to church with us. so that meant that it was me, rebeca and osmany. well rebeca was good for ahh i would say 15 minutes of the 2 hrs that we were there. everything seemed to bother her and she kept wantinv to run in and out of the church and i just couldnt stop her. i literaly just wanted to cry... but i knew that since i couldnt understand the sermon that God was teaching me anyways. i think it is at the times where we fall apart that the Lord shows us that we cannot possibly do things on our own. it is only through His strength that we can do anything :)

today was a good day, i feel like my spanish is getting better. i know i say that at random times but i actually had a full out conversation with a lady that came into the clinic today. i am becoming more and more help at the clinic because of more knowledge of the language and the clinic itself. we had our normal afternoon workout after lunch, and i cant forget to mention that the truck did not stall on me to the gym today :) i also found out that i dont have to pay 40 dollars for 2 more visas since the nice people at the airport gave me a 90 visa when i came into Honduras. good stuff huh??? this afternoon i decided to lay out in the sun on the roof, my first realization is that i am ALOT closer to the sun than we are in the states. i must have been laying there for 4 minutes and i was already really RED. so needless to say that didnt last very long!

i will be back at the clinic tomorrow... please pray that we will be a light for this community.

spanish word of the day: ALABARE --> praise Him


Christin Mohon said...

"Alabare" many times did we listen to that song before you left?!? and how long did it take me to figure out what they were saying?!? i know how to spell it and what it means...yay!!! haha! i am just thrilled to hear that you are having full conversations with the people there! i know the Lord is answering all of our prayers concerning the language barrier! and He is doing great things through you there and at the clinic! just know im thinking of you always and praying for you and the people there constantly! te amo mucho mi moi!
love always,

garrison said...

sorry sunday was bad but im glad monday wus better i hope ur week continues to get better and if any way possible i will try to comment on here nxt week god bless

Sonya Norman said...

Hey sweetie. Just up late and thinking about you. Of course, like naturally an aunt would do, worrying a little, but knowing you're in God's hands. Mamaw, Ann Marie, and I want you to know that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. I'm glad to hear that your Spanish is coming around. You're such a strong, independent person. Those challenges will be quite small compared to some of the things you will be dished out later in life, but I know that they are already making you a better person. Loving and missing you very much.

Aunt Sonya

Uncle Keith said...

Hey Jess,

I got your postcard. Thanks a million. My trip to MX was great. I can't wait to tell you about it all. Hang in there with the Espanol, it will come around. It is wonderful to read your blog and see what's going on with you. I pray that the Lord Jesus will give you wide doors of opportunity to witness for Him and that He will give you souls for your labor. I love you!!! Talk to you later.

Spanish word for the dat:
Hallelujah --> Hallelujah (it's the same in every language) ;)

Momma said...

im anxious to hear another update. You must be a busy girl this week. i know the Lord is working every moment you are there. were cooking for dads birthday at the store today for lunch. mamaw ann invited us for dinner. we really miss you and chad. the website you can visit to hear about chads trip is Sounds like they are having a great time. im missing you!

love mom